Welcome to the Azul Zulu Linux Repo!

Use Yum or APT to get Zulu on RHEL, SLES, and Oracle Linux, or Ubuntu and Debian systems, respectively. After attaching to the repo and refreshing your cache, the generic syntax for both Yum and Apt is

[yum|apt-get] install zulu-[11|8|7|6]

where choice of number equates to major Java level. Links to explicit platform attachment and installation instructions follow:

For all Linux systems, download the GPG Package Signing Key from the following location: http://repos.azulsystems.com/RPM-GPG-KEY-azulsystems

For RHEL, SLES, or Oracle Linux Systems:

  1. Attach the Yum Repository (refer to http://docs.azul.com/zulu/zuludocs/#ZuluUserGuide/PrepareZuluPlatform/AttachYumRepositoryRHEL-SLES-OracleLinuxSys.htm).
  2. Install Zulu on Linux using a Yum Repository (refer to http://docs.azul.com/zulu/zuludocs/#ZuluUserGuide/InstallingZulu/InstallOnLinuxUsingYumRepository.htm).

For Ubuntu or Debian Systems:

  1. Attach the APT Repository (refer to http://docs.azul.com/zulu/zuludocs/#ZuluUserGuide/PrepareZuluPlatform/AttachAPTRepositoryUbuntuOrDebianSys.htm).
  2. Install Zulu on Linux using an APT Repository (refer to http://docs.azul.com/zulu/zuludocs/#ZuluUserGuide/InstallingZulu/InstallOnLinuxUsingAPTRepository.htm).

The Azul Repo provides free public downloads of Zulu 64-bit packages for x86 Linux under the Zulu Terms of Use (refer to http://www.azul.com/products/zulu-and-zulu-enterprise/zulu-terms-of-use/).